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(( This post comes to you unedited.  I’m not going to re-read it to see if I like it.  If I do that, then it will take me two hours to post something that should have only taken me 20 minutes. ))

Okay, One Tree Hill = good.  Maybe I even stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch just one more episode.  I am no good at going to sleep at a particular time, but in my defense I had just eaten dinner and, I don’t know about you, but I can’t fall asleep right after I eat.  I made chicken noodle soup, the home made kind, for my nephew because he has been sick.  He liked it.  I knew he would.  I feel v bad that he is sick.

It’s my other day off this week, and I have zero plans except for to watch One Tree Hill and play LotRO.  I totally thought I had to work today, which as it turns out I don’t.  Now I’m wondering what I’ll have to eat today.  There’s always leftover soup* (which totally tastes better the second day) for lunch or dinner, some salad still in the fridge (we’re trying to eat healthy [and I am failing miserably]), and oh! we have toaster strudels for breakfasts!

I guess I just figured out what I’m going to eat today.  Thanks, blog.  Without you I probably would have just thought about eating and then never gotten around to it.**  Then I would have just snacked all day long, which I probably will still do anyway because I have beef jerky and some Pocky-type snacks called Hello Panda on my desk.  They are pretty much screaming at me to eat them.  But at least now I have a sense of the right foods to eat (not to mention I’ve just shared with the world my intent to eat said foods, and if I don’t eat them I’ll feel like a liar [like I did with the bacon the other day, but I was too ashamed to admit to anyone that I never got around to eating the bacon]) and I can hold off on the snacks instead of just filling up on them all at once, which my husband hates.

I miss him.  He is away at Summer Drill for another week and a half.  I thought I would enjoy some alone time, and I do in a way, but I just wish he wasn’t so far away for me to have alone time.  Also I wish he would come home at the end of the day, because I only need a couple hours of alone time each day.  Not two whole weeks of it.  Also when he is gone for this long it makes me anxious, like that time he had to go to Iraq.  I don’t feel like I did then, all terrified every single day, but I feel just anxious enough that that’s what it reminds me of.  I wonder if I’ll ever get over that feeling.  I hope so, because Summer Drill happens every year.

Sometimes I get confused and think it’s 2013.  I swear I’m getting dumber with age.


*  I don’t usually eat leftovers.  There are certain things I will reheat, like pizza and soup and lasagna and Chinese food, but that’s it.  Nothing else.  Mostly the notion of reheating something that’s been in the fridge grosses me out.

**  I do that.  I’ll think about things for so long that I never actually do them because I can’t make a decision.  I’m a horrible procrastinator, even when it comes to things that are so insignificant they couldn’t matter any less unless I made a big deal about them, which I do by not being able to make a decision.  “Do I want to read a book or watch a movie?  What if I choose wrong?”  This one is the most common.  I’ll try to decide which one is the right choice for so long that I end up having time to do neither.  Sarah actually will force me to pick one if I’m doing my wondering out loud for too long.  She reminds me that doing nothing is worse than picking wrong, and that if I pick up and book and don’t feel like reading I can always put in a movie.  She’s pretty good at making me do things, because she’s pretty logical.  I like to think that I’m logical, but mostly I’m just fantasizing that I am.