Vlogging is fun.  It really is.  It’s fun, but it is also time consuming and requires a lot of energy.  It also requires having something to say, which I usually don’t.  I mean, I do think a lot and there’s always a plethora of somethings going on in my head, but half of them I can’t express and the other half aren’t all that interesting.

I’m excited for my friends who are participating in VEDA this year.  I participated two years ago, I think.  Yes, two years ago.  It’s 2012, right?  It is.  I had to check (again?).  So I participated two years ago, and it was wicked fun.  It was also kind of stressful, because I’m not a very photogenic person and I’m also a wee bit of a perfectionist.  So, if I film myself and then don’t like how I look I will scrap the whole thing and start again.  Hence why in at least one of my videos* from two years ago I was hidden inside a hoodie.  Pretty sure I had started to vlog and then thought better of my appearance, threw on something to cover my unshowered grossness, and began filming again.

Great, so now I’m sad that I decided not to do VEDA this year.  I guess I have a couple more hours to figure out if I’m going to stick to that decision, or if I’m going to cave and make a video.  Didn’t I already mention today that I’m bad at making decisions?!!  Also what if I don’t do it right?  What if no one likes my videos?  What if I don’t have time to watch everyone’s videos, does that make me a bad participant?  Also what is the point?  And does the world really need another low-self-esteem n00b making videos?  Because pretty much that’s what I’d be.

I guess that’s my dilemma for the day.  To VEDA, or not to VEDA?  Because I want to, but I also don’t want to.  Which part of me will win?


* A video in which you can hardly hear me and the video doesn’t match the sound because the webcam was le suck.