I wear glasses.  I’ve been wearing them for half my life, and so something always feels terribly wrong when I don’t have them on.  I’ve worn contacts before, and I’m not against wearing them again when we can afford to get them, but I noticed something the last time I had my contact prescription filled: wearing glasses greatly reduces my depth perception and I see a lot of things as if life were in 2D rather than 3D.  And you know what?  Wearing contacts instead of glasses adds so much depth perception that I sort of almost feel like I’m an alien on a new planet with super awesome vision.  Is this how everyone else sees the world all day every day, all awesome-like?  It’s enough to make me want to wear contacts always, even though I think I look horrid without my glasses.  Seriously!  I think this is why my depth perception is so bad!

Something I can’t stand about wearing my beloved glasses is when I go to put on a shirt and either A) the nose pads jam into my face, or 2) I can’t get my shirt on over my glasses.  Now you may be thinking, “Jeez, Jaime, wouldn’t the simple solution be to take off your glasses before putting on a shirt?”, to which I would answer if you had posed the question aloud, “Probably, but if I can’t see without my glasses – which I can’t – then it simply does not occur to me to be voluntarily blind for a few moments.”

Also I usually think I can get the shirt on anyway even though time and experience have taught me different, and then get Fifty Shades of Angry when I thought wrong.

Oh, and something else I can’t stand about wearing glasses?  THEY GET DIRTY ALL THE TIME.  Dust, hair, smudges!  I need to learn the Impervius Charm so that I never have a problem with rain or coffee splatter or anything sticking to my glasses ever again.  I can’t stand smudges on my glasses.  And then I can’t ever get the smudges completely off!  It all just rubs in and moves around, making streaky smears all over.  IT IS STUPID.


But I love them so much.