I’m not interested in ever owning a Wii.  I find the controllers to be unwieldy, inefficient, and uncomfortable to use.  Gameplay is spastic at best, and that’s unfortunate.  At least I can play the New Super Mario Bros game on my DS whenever I’ve got the urge.  I know it’s not exactly the same game, that there are differences, but that’s okay with me.  I’ll take less content over horrible control any day of the week.

My sister has a Wii here, and I really don’t play games on it.  I watch Netflix in the living room (which is working today, thank goodness), and there have been occasions where my sister and I will play Twilight Scene It (DON’T JUDGE), but that’s really not the kind of game I can’t stand to play on the Wii.  I would take an original NES over a Wii any day, because the functionality of the controllers was good.  I’d even take most of the old games over any of the new Wii games any day, too.  I know you can buy a lot of them from the Wii store and play them on the Wii, but it’s really not the same.  You still have to use the stupid wand controller, which I hate.

I miss our PlayStation3.  Even if it hadn’t broken on us before we left Mississippi, I’d still be missing it since we don’t have our television set up in our room, but just knowing that it’s broken and all my saved game files are gone makes me sad.  I really want to play Star Ocean again.  I didn’t even get halfway into the game.  Someday we’ll have us another PS3, and someday I’ll get to play and beat a Star Ocean game.

Though I enjoy playing games on the PS consoles, I’m a PC gamer through and through.  There are some games that are just meant to be played on a gaming console, and some that are meant to be played on a computer.  I’d never be able to play an MMO or MMORPG on PS3.  I’ve tried Fallout3 and some other MMO’s.  I even tried Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox, which I totally sucked at.  Who can really play something like that with a dang controller?  Not me.  But I kick ass when I play on the computer (or at least I used to, I’m a bit rusty these days at the FPS thing).  I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t use a computer for games.  Not a day goes by that I don’t log into LotRO or Fallout3 or Baldur’s Gate or FlyFF.  Not a single day.  Gaming is just what I do.  I love it.  And until we get a PS3 again, until we can replace that broken piece of sadness in the basement, I’ll continue to play my computer games the way I always do.  Even if the PS3 hadn’t died I’d still be playing computer games.  I’d just be playing computer games AND Star Ocean.

I LOVE GAMES.  I want to play all of the good ones.  That does not include CastleVille (which I haven’t played in months by the way, go me!).  When I quit playing CastleVille, I found I had a lot more time to play games in which I actually accomplished something and had fun rather than just feeling obligated to play.  When you feel obligated to play a game, it just stops being fun.  At least to me it does.  Obligation just takes the fun right out of hobbies, and makes them feel a lot like work.

I miss Star Ocean.