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My plans for the day:

watch Heroes with The Destroyer
keep up with dishes
charge all electronics
play with my nephew
do some research for NaNoWriMo
empty Google reader

There are probably some other things I should be doing.  Maybe I’ll watch Newsies with my nephew, because he’s never seen it and it is awesome.  We watched Hook the other day, and he loved it.  (Obv, because who doesn’t?)

GOSH.  I am still feeling so unprepared for NaNoWriMo.  I also feel like I won’t have the time to write, because I’ll be working 10 hours every Saturday and Sunday, and writing after that kind of workday just seems like such an arduous task.  We’ll see.  I really hope I don’t fail this year.  I want to WIN!

Michaels keeps sending me all these tempting emails with awesome savings and coupons, and it is driving me bonkers because I can’t go.  There will be a Michaels in town eventually, I’m not sure exactly when, but the closest one is a 45 minute drive away.   I just want to do crafty things!  Hurry up and come to town, Michaels!

The wind is blowing outside something fierce.  It’s gusting at like 36mph at the moment, and I keep saving this blog every few words because I’m afraid the power will go out and I will lose it.  I hate when I work on something and it disappears because I didn’t Save.  Blogs, projects, stories, video games… bad things happen when you don’t Save often.  We’ve all learned this the hard way, I’m sure.  I know I have.  I’ve ragequit so many games because I didn’t save and lost everything.

You gamers know what I’m talking about.

We didn’t get caught up on TV shows last night like I wanted to (Grey’s, Once Upon A Time, Walking Dead).  I ended up falling asleep around 8:15, and I didn’t wake up once until 6 AM.  I guess I was tired.

Happy Hurricane, everyone!