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I haven’t really stayed ahead of the word count game as well as I’d like, but November is a stressful time.  I can’t ignore or avoid my responsibilities (as much as I’d like to, with some of them) in favor of writing.  And while I haven’t really stayed ahead, I haven’t fallen behind even once either (which is wicked impressive for me, by the way).  I’ve even somehow found time to watch TV with Walter and Sarah, play LotRO, and visit my dad and make dinner and watch BSG.

Man, I miss reading.  I’m going to pick a really good book to read after this is all over.  Something that isn’t romance, I think.  Maybe even something I’ve never read before, we’ll see¹.  This seems to have been The Year of Rereading for me.

I feel like I am just doing so much.  Once December hits I’m going to give myself a break, if I can figure out exactly what that means.  All I know is that I’m exhausted, and I love writing so much more than anything else (except for reading).

I am so tired.  Right now I think I will just pop in Ever After and play Angry Birds on my iPhone until I fall asleep.  Because I have to work at 430 in the morning, and who even ever wants to do that?

Not me.

Word Count: 18’466

pee ess  –  Has anyone bought me Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on DVD yet?  1965 version only, plzkthxiloveyousohard.


1.  ‘We’ll see’ is code in my family for ‘probably not at all’.²
2.  I’ve told you this already.  I will probably tell you a thousand more times.  Get over it.