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After Christmas every year I go through this phase of wanting to purge all of my physical belongings of the things I don’t use.  Sometimes they are things I’ve owned for ten years that I’ve never used and I don’t even know why I still have, and other times they are things I used to use and just don’t anymore that I just keep.  Usually it’s the former, though.  I know I own too many things and that I don’t use 70% of them, so I’m going to start making a pile of things I want to get rid of and then I’m going to go to the dump to dispose of said things.  See, I’m writing it down for all to witness, that way I actually go through with it.  (Right?)  I’m so baffled by the amount of pure junk in my possession every time I go downstairs to find a book to read or a movie to watch.  I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I’m still disgusted by how many thing I just keep for the sake of having.


Sometimes I think I want to be a minimalist, but then remember how many things I would never be able to part with, like my movies and my books.  I also love buying things and getting things.  So maybe I’ll never be a minimalist, but I can at least work on not owning things I don’t use, right?

My dad got me a WACOM Bamboo Fun tablet, which I totes can’t wait to install and use.  My first thought when I opened it?  “Next year’s Christmas cards are going to kick so much ass!”  I’m going to draw so much, people will be sick of it.  I’m always convinced that everything I draw is hilarious, so I end up being wicked proud of each doodle and pushing it in everyone’s faces.  I’m sure I’ve got a lot of work to do in figuring out how to use this thing, but I’m looking forward to it.¹

I also look forward to watching Gossip Girl all afternoon, because I’m on season four right now and my sister has all of season six DVR’d so I won’t have to stop watching and wait nine months for the last season to happen on Netflix.

Today I go to get my nails removed.  I can’t wait.  The salon opens in ten minutes, and while my nails look very nice, having them this long brings on some strange anxiety that I don’t understand.²  At least they were pretty for Christmas, even if they were the source of so much irritation and hyperventilating.  Like… who has an anxiety attack (or eight) because their nails are too long?  Is it just me?  Because for real, I could do without that.

Note to self:  Please don’t ever do this again.³

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.


  1. Remind me of this, please, when I’m frustrated because I can’t figure it out and I just want to chuck it out the window.
  2. Like I ever understand any of my anxiety anyway?
  3. Add it to the list: Spaghetti-O’s.  Nair.

~~¤~~  UPDATE  ~~¤~~

So I went to the salon to get my nails removed, and I let them talk me into just shortening them and seeing how that feels.  I’m such a pushover.  But I’ll give it a few days.  Already they feel better, but the real test will be at work tomorrow.