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I used to be impressed with how easy it was to use your free-to-publish blogging platform, but these days I am more and more disenchanted with your services.  You frequently change things and confuse me.

The Dashboard is still fairly easy to use to publish blogs and write up drafts, which is nice, but the way you restrict my ability to customize the look and feel my own blog really pisses me off.  Why are you prompting me to pay for services that were previously free?  One of the things I really loved about you when I found you some years ago was how user-friendly you were, and now it seems my long-term time-investment in you was a waste.

Perhaps I’m just cranky right now because I tried to customize my FREE TO USE theme and you prompted me to pay you $30.00, and after attempting to make changes you did not allow me to reset my blog appearance to what it was before I realized you were trying to get money from me.  You know what?  That’s exactly what it is.  And right now?  I kind of hate you for it.