Dear Diary,
I’m kind of in love with ‘Victorious’.  And also ‘Drake and Josh’.  They are TV shows which, once they’ve begun to play on the living room TV, I can not turn away from them.  It is so embarrassing, Diary, because I am going to be 30 in 102 days and I can’t stop watching kid shows about boys and girls in school.  Parts of said shows are so dumb that I almost can’t stand it, but just like with any Lifetime movie, I get sucked in and I JUST CAN NOT STOP WATCHING.  I’m glad you can’t judge me for this, Diary, because judgement is not part of your chemical makeup.  At least I am not alone, and Sarah suffers along with me.  And she’s older than I am, so that makes me feel better about it.

Lord help us if there is ever a marathon on the television.


P.S.  –  TV shows about kids in high school are pretty much better than any other TV shows out there.  Do not even get me started on Gossip Girl, Diary, where they drink alcohol in bars when they are like fifteen but I don’t care because it’s Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf and OMG I love them.