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Sometimes I get blog comments that show up in my spam box, and I’m not entirely sure that they’re actually spam, but I leave them there anyway because what if they are spam and I am too stupid to realize that?  And then I go and allow the comment up on my site and I look like a dumb head?

So I’m sorry if you’ve posted a comment that hasn’t shown up, because I’m terrified that it’s spam.

It makes sense, trust me.

Santa (the version played by my dad) got me a Bamboo Fun Tablet for Christmas, and I haven’t installed it yet.  I have two reasons for this:

  1. I don’t have a lot of room in my bedroom, which is basically where I exist all of the time when I’m not at work.  There is so much stuff in here, I don’t want to take anything else out to ADD to the mess I already can’t stand.
  2. I’m scared I won’t make anything worth anything with this thing to anyone, including myself.

I could install it and design birthday cards for my friends, or I could doodle like a fiend and learn how to use complex image editing software like Photoshop (which I currently don’t own, but whatev), or I could install it and let it get buried underneath all of the things that are already on my desk (like a Pampered Chef catalog, my check book, some old mail that is probably important but I haven’t opened in months, a notebook, another notebook, the gift cards I got for my nieces and nephew in Mississippi for Christmas but never sent because I’m such a lazy person, the left over Christmas cards I designed but didn’t send out because I ran out of time, and some more things).  That last option is what I know would end up happening.

I just have so much stuff!  And not enough room for it all!  Eventually I will install it and try to have all of the fun, but for now it sits in its box, inside another box on my floor with all of the other things I received for Christmas (except for the candy, which I’ve eaten, also the after-Christmas-purge still hasn’t happened yet.).