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For a little over a week now The Destroyer and I have been apartment shopping.  Wherever we choose to live, it will be our very first place together.  We weren’t really looking before, because money is always an issue, but then this thing happened.

Oddie’s boyfriend got an apartment a month-or-so ago, and she called me so I went over to see it.  It was cute!  And I suddenly had the urge to have that apartment for my very own!  When I expressed to her that she should move out so I could have it, she told me that the apartment on the second floor was also for rent.  Well I went right outside and called the landlord (after I ran it by my husband, of course), and he answered and told me I could see the apartment some night during the week.  Oddie and I peeked in the windows like peeping toms and I decided it was good that no one lived there at that moment, because Oddie can be kind of creepy even when she ISN’T looking in someone’s windows.  Well, The Destroyer and I went to see it the next day because we’re cereal about this living together alone thing (it has become what my life is about every waking moment), and while it’s only a fraction as cute as the apartment downstairs, it is in our price range and we like it so we want to live there.  It’s clean, has new carpets, and it is small (we don’t need a lot of space).  The rent is very manageable and there is off-street-parking (w00t!).  We basically told the dude we wanted it right then, but we’d call him back in a few days to confirm.  Well, call him I did.  The very next day, in fact.  And text him I have, several times.  He asked if we wanted the place, and I said we “definitely want it”.  Then I said “When can we move in?” and “Is it ready?”, to which he responded “ASAP” and “Apt is fine to moeve in”, and he would call me.¹

I didn’t think it would be days before I heard back from him (which I still haven’t at this point), seeing as how every day that he isn’t renting it he isn’t getting any money for it either.  It has been three days and he hasn’t called me back or returned my texts.  I’m beginning to feel like that annoying relative everyone avoids talking to², leaving voicemails and sending text messages, desperately searching for a response of any kind.  If he doesn’t want to rent to me, all he has to do is make one phone call or send me one text and I’ll leave him the frak alone, but he hasn’t done that.  Apparently he’s wicked bad at returning phone calls and text messages (not a good trait in a landlord, or best personality flaw ever?), and so I’m trying to tell myself that he’s just forgetful at this point, but I’m also getting wicked angry BECAUSE THIS IS NOW HOW YOU DO BUSINESS.  (Or is it?  This is my first time apartment hunting and I guess I could use some tips.)

So that’s the story of how The Destroyer and I suddenly became apartment hunters.  We’ve called about several other places and even looked at a few.

Today we went to look at this other apartment near my grandmother’s house.  It is larger and more expensive, and while we like it (we lovingly refer to it as Dream Apartment), we would be better able to afford the first apartment (read: we would be able to eat and have electricity).

And I just want this guy to call me back so we can get the ball rolling!

I have been overly anxious this past week in a very bad way, and it’s effecting everything in my life (because that’s what anxiety does with its grubby probing tentacles, like an invisible invading octopus stretching its massive arms out to encompass your whole world and eat you with its creepy underbelly beak [octopi have beaks, you know³]).  This week I am working more than usual, and as I sit here right now I’m so frakking tired I just want to take a nap.  Rob came over last night and we watched The Walking Dead (SO GOOD) so I stayed up late and now I just want to sleep forever, but S and I are going to be watching the final episode of The Bachelor tonight as it airs (WE LOVE THIS SHOW), and if I go to bed now I’m totes not getting back up and then I’ll be sad when I wake up at 3AM.

I’ll be sad when I wake up at 3AM anyway, because that’s always sad.  No one should have to wake up that early.  I’m basically a robot on autopilot until I’ve had a cup of tea or coffee, at which point if it is still early I just become an irritable meanie, because mornings are dumb.

I also want a new PS3 (our old one is still broken), because the PS4 looks like dumbness and I don’t like that.


  1. All of the words and phrases in quotations are actually words that were passed between us, just so you know there was little to no room for confusion from my side of the conversation.
  2. Every family has one (or two).  I’m sorry if you’re that guy in your family.  That has to suck.
  3. Beaks!  On an octopus!  I love the world cephalopod.  Say it out loud.  It’s fun!