Going to see the landlord today at the new apartment, which means that apartment hunting is over.  Hopefully we can move in this weekend.  I am so excited for having an apartment, and I just want to go out and buy all of the things.

  • shower curtain
  • tub stickies (so I don’t slip)
  • window curtains and blinds
  • microwave
  • coffee pot
  • kitchen garbage can
  • kitchen table and chairs
  • hand and bath towels
  • computer desk
  • dishware
  • vacuum
  • food to fill the fridge and cupboards
  • also a plethora of other things I have written down and prolly a bunch of stuff I haven’t thought of yet

We will prolly be without the internet for a little while, but I really have no idea how long at this point.  It depends on how much gas and electricity are going to cost.  We got a lot of awesome things for our “home” at our wedding reception three years ago, things I haven’t even taken out of their packaging, that I can’t wait to look at again and use.  All of these things have been in boxes – first in RI, then in MS, now in RI again; from basement, to storage unit, to back room, to basement.  SOON TO BE IN APARTMENT.

I even have a crock pot my mother bought me in 2006 that I never took out of the box.  GUESS WHO’S MAKING BEEF STEW NEXT WEEK!  (( I make amazing beef stew, people. ))

Today we will take measurements of things like windows and showers so that we know what we’re buying.  I don’t know what will be cheaper, curtains or plastic blinds, but I want both.  We’ll get whichever is cheaper for now and then get the others when we have more money.

Apartment.  Apartment.  Apartment.  Apartment.  Apartment.

This is pretty much all I can think about.  I wake up at 2am all of the days and can’t get back to sleep because I’m thinking about Apartment.  Will I be able to sleep once we’re at the apartment?  Will I be too scared to walk to my car at the ass-crack of dawn all by myself at the new apartment?  I can’t wait to have so much space.  For the past 29 years I have lived in another person’s place, house or apartment.  I’ve been living out of a bedroom, basically, everywhere I’ve lived my entire life.  Now I will have my own kitchen and living room, bedroom and computer room.  All of this I will share with my husband, but it will be mine.  Ours.  I think it will be wonderful.

Also I want to install my tablet today so I can do any updating that needs to be done before we don’t have internet access for a while.  I just wish I could get my computer to do the Windows Updates, it hasn’t been able to install them for months because I’ve just gotten errors.  SO LAME because there are like 50 of them.

Now it is time for work.

Good day.