[singing] Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  I’m moving!  Tomorrow! [/singing]

Actually I’m just getting the keys and cleaning a lot so that the day AFTER tomorrow we can start moving in.

And in honor of my very first apartment, I’ve just purchased one of Georgia Dunn’s prints from her Etsy Shop.  She’s closing her shop tomorrow, temporarily, for maternity leave, and it just so happens that I have been waiting to buy some of her prints until I had my own space to hang them.  I will have my own place tomorrow!



So you could say that by putting her shop into ‘vacation mode’ on the day I’m getting the keys to my new place is pretty magical, like her art.

This is the print I am getting.  It literally looks like the moon above the trees in the back yard at my old house.  I love it.

So if you want to buy any of her prints before she closes up shop tomorrow, she’s offering a 20% off coupon code at the top of her shop until she closes it.  I just wish I could afford to buy more than one of her prints (OMG PENGUIN AND A RED BALLOON), but with the moving and needing things we don’t yet have I can’t really be all Greedy McSpenderson on pretty wall art.

Today The Destroyer and I went shopping and bought our very first shower curtain, bath mat, and window curtains.  Also a trash can.  My very own trash can!  I guess we’re going to wing it for everything else.  You know, get what we need as we go.  (( That kind of makes me cringe. ))  This weekend we buy a microwave.

Tomorrow my sister and my cousin and I are going to clean the crap out of that place because it hasn’t been lived in for a while.  And hopefully we will get it ready to be lived in so that The Destroyer can move everything in on Saturday and I’m working all day Sunday and then having Easter dinner at my aunt’s so there really won’t be much time.  AND IT WILL BE MINE.