Last night was my first night alone in my new apartment. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared all day to spend the night alone in a new place (The Destroyer has away drill this weekend), but it turns out I was scared for nothing! The gas heater didn’t explode even though I left it on low all night, I only woke up one time, and monsters didn’t get me. (It’s always a bonus when monsters don’t get you when you’re sleeping.)

I have today off from work. I think this is the second Sunday I’ve asked for off in the year that I’ve been back to work, so I don’t really know what folks do on Sundays when they’re not working. I plan to do laundry at the laundromat down the street, which isn’t the most exciting thing ever on your day off but that’s ok. I will bring my book with me. Also there’s a birthday party later for my cousin, so that will be funsies. Hopefully my shower won’t leak anymore thanks to Oddie’s boyfriend who is my downstairs neighbor. I suppose I could always watch a movie in the meantime, but maybe it would be a better idea to keep going through the boxes of stuff in my living room. Oh! I can watch a movie while I go through the boxes! I am so smart. Lulz.

I’m blogging from my phone since we don’t have Internet yet, so I’m going to keep his short. Happy Sunday! I hope something awesome happens to everyone today, especially me. :D