I used to blog here, or at least I gave it a semi-half-hearted shot for a while.  Then I got lazy.  (Big surprise.)  I’ve sort of been busy working and living it up in my new apartment, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Also watching Veronica Mars pretty much every day.  (Thank you, Soap channel!)  Then I go to work and wish I was at home watching vmars.  Because, who doesn’t?

My brother is currently trying to help The Destroyer make the new couch happen in the living room.  They’re trying, and I’m staying out of their way.  There are so many gorram pieces, and The Destroyer has already ruined two screwdrivers.  If the couch doesn’t happen tonight, this girl is gonna be a v. sad panda.  Like I cleaned the living room for nothing?

I am going to get back into the habit of blogging.  It will be a thing.  Maybe once a week or something.  Maybe that’s too much to commit to, but I guess we’ll see.  Mostly I haven’t really posted because I’ve just been an anxious mess most days, and I figure nobody wants to read about how I can’t go grocery shopping because I’m scared I’m going to get sick.  I’m sure that kind of thing gets almost as old reading it as it does to live it.  And trust me, it’s gotten real OLD.

Maybe I’ll actually get around to reading other people’s blogs again one of these days, too.  Because I haven’t done that in almost as long as it’s been since I last actual-blogged.

Except for this.  Everyone should read that.