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I miss your endless possibilities.  I miss bright days in the sunshine, carefree sipping Kool-Aid, sporting the most unmatchingest outfit and not caring a bit.  I miss running barefoot over any surface without a care.  I miss the smell of dirt on my hands.  I miss not giving a hoot if I was tired and breathless and sweaty, and just wanting to keep playing anyway.  I miss The Old Oak Tree, the giant piles of dirt in The Gravel Pit.  I miss staying on our side of the invisible line that separated the back yard.  I miss the sandy spot and the Stick Pile and picking wild blueberries in the back yard.  I miss adventuring and hiding behind trees, climbing trees and swinging from branches.  I miss having all the faith in the world that everything would be OK, because it always was at the end of the day.  I miss warm nights, crickets chirping outside in the woods, soft woodsy-scented breezes coming in through the open window to caress me to sleep.