This morning has been good so far.  Unfortunately, just like yesterday, I woke up somewhere around 4:30 AM and wasn’t able to fully fall back asleep.  But I rested, and I snuggled with my unconscious husband for a few hours before we finally got up.  I had my delicious decaf iced coffee, and before my shower I removed my old nail polish.  I hate nail polish remover.  It all smells disgusting, so I pretty much only use it before a shower.  That way it isn’t on my hands and feet all day.

I didn’t make the best eating choices yesterday.  Pretty much all I ate was Cheez-Its and Quaker apple cinnamon rice cakes.  Oh, and I had a honey bun for breakfast, and two scoops of frozen yogurt for dinner.  So, pretty much the same thing I eat every day.  *eye roll*  I think I’ll leave for work early today and get a sandwich at Subway.  Probably a BLT.  (Hey, it’s got protein!  Also tomatoes and lettuce, and instead of mayo I’ll get avocado so it will be healthier.)  And when I get to work I’ll buy some cashews and munch on those instead of Cheez-Its.  I’ll prolly still have Cheez-Its later anyway, but I won’t eat as many.

Baby steps, people.

Last night I got caught up on some of the YouTube channels I follow, which I have neglected since, oh, before we moved.  I had a lot of fun watching the videos and didn’t realize how late it was until almost midnight.  There are only 32 more videos left in my Feedly Reader (which is a good Google Reader alternative, even if I can’t access old, non-existent blog feeds anymore), which I will get to on my days off this week, starting tomorrow!

Oh, and tomorrow The Destroyer and I are going to finish up Terra Nova.  We watched it when it aired two years ago and absolutely fell in love with it, and when I saw that it was on Netflix we both decided we needed to watch it again.  Stupid Fox, always cancelling the good shows.  I wish Netflix had picked it up, because it really could have been something special.

After work tonight I’m going to go grocery shopping.  Also bathing suit shopping.  I’m going to make beef and vegetable soup tomorrow, so I want to have everything I need at home.  I plan on taking my nephew to my grandmother’s house to go in the pool later this week if the weather is nice, so I kind of need a bathing suit for that.  I’m going to be visiting both of my grandmothers this week.  I haven’t been visiting everyone as often as I’d like, so I need to make more of an effort to visit when I can.

As Mondays go, this one has been rather decent thus far.  It’s actually shaping up to be a pretty good one, even though I have to work.  I’m going to go finish up my shopping lists now and get ready for the day.

Happy Monday, internet!