It really does. At least it tastes like I imagine poison would taste. You know when you eat a particularly horrible tasting sunflower seed? That tastes like poison, too. You know what I’m talking about.

Two days in a row now I’ve had really bad anxiety at work and had to take a Xanax. I sometimes go weeks without it, and other times I have to take it daily. It doesn’t matter that I’m taking it as prescribed by my doctor, I always feel guilty when I take it. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. At least until it kicks in, then I feel relieved. I feel better.

Right now I’m waiting for that feeling of relief. I’m waiting to feel better.

I went to the Balloon Festival the other day and had a blast with some friends I never get to see anymore. They had face painting there, and I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to get my face painted. If I’ve ever had it done for anything other than Halloween I certainly don’t remember. Maybe I can get it done at the Washington County Fair next month. I would be giddy like a three year old getting butterfly wings on my face!

The Destroyer just brought me crackers. I love him. He is the bestest husband ever. And I love the person that created Saltines. Whoever that was, they make my world a better place.

Also thank the pharmaceutical gods for Xanax, because I’m feeling mostly better now, and less guilty.