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What’s for breakfast today?  Jell-o.  What’s for lunch today?  Jell-o.  What’s for supper tonight?  Hopefully frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf, but that remains to be seen.

I was so anxious about going under general anesthesia yesterday for my wisdom tooth extraction, but it turns out I was anxious about all the wrong things.  Yesterday after getting to the hospital I found getting prepped was a breeze.  I remember the anesthesiologist giving me the anti-nausea patch behind my ear and then injecting something into my IV.  I was lifted from my rolling cart onto the operating table, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the recovery room with two pieces of gauze hanging out of my mouth.  I think I looked like a walrus.  The going under was easy, nothing to be afraid of.  I should have known it would all go fine when we made a new friend on the drive to the hospital.

super reginald

This is Reginald.  He survived the whole ride to the hospital on the windshield.  I’ve named him Super Reginald, because he clearly has super powers.  And I decided that if Super Reginald can ride a car, I could get through getting my teeth pulled.

I’m wicked grateful that Oddie came with us to the hospital so early in the morning.  Normally it would be my mom taking me, because she always had super powers of her own.  You know the super powers I’m talking about, right?  The ones that only moms have?  She made everything better.  I could really use her today.  ]:

Still, The Destroyer and Oddie made the waiting bearable.  Oddie just knows what to say when I’m anxious and stressed out, and The Destroyer makes me laugh.

walter and oddie

They were there to pick me up, too, after it was all over.  I’m rather relieved that I didn’t ask to take the ceiling home, or even make a fool of myself at all when I came around, because neither of them would ever let me live it down.

The worst part about the whole experience is taking medication.  I detest it.  I hate side effects.  Just knowing that there are side effects makes me anxious.  I’m on antibiotics and Vicodin.  I’ve taken both before, but not at the same time, OR with my regular anxiety meds.  Mixing medications is something I’m terribly afraid of.  I was also prescribed steroids to help with the swelling, but I’m going to wait a few days to take those.  I hope I won’t have to take them at all.  The swelling is pretty awful right now (no picture of that for you), so I’ve been icing my face with a home made ice pack made with plastic ice cubes and a soft hand towel.

I didn’t get much sleep at all last night.  I watched Ever After four times, and I fell asleep for a few minutes at a time, but for no more than 30 minute intervals.  I’m exhausted, but sleeping with gauze in your mouth isn’t the most comfortable thing in all the land.

I can feel the Vicodin kicking in.  I’m very anxious about not being able to take Xanax if I start freaking out, because there’s no way I’m taking Xanax on top of all this.  I took the Scopolamine patch off because my arms and chest and face are flushed and I’m pretty sure that’s the cause of it.  I feel like I have a wicked bad sunburn on my arms especially.  I’m relieved that I didn’t feel nauseated after waking up yesterday, because that was something I was worried about.  The doctors and nurses were so nice.

So on top of feeling like I have a sunburn on the upper part of my body, my mouth is still bleeding every now and then and I feel I must look like a chipmunk with its cheeks stuffed.  The Destroyer wants to take a picture, but I’d punch him in the face before I let him do that.  The swelling is so much worse today.  But I keep telling myself that as long as my stomach is OK, then I can get through this.  I’m almost out of gauze for my mouth, and that worries me, but the blood isn’t gushing anymore and I’m relieved about that.  It’s nice to be able to feel relief rather than just constant anxiety.  I’m so glad that my wisdom teeth are gone, because they were something that was stressing me out for months.  Now I just have to wait and rest.  I’m not good at waiting, but I’m v. good at resting.  Maybe since I didn’t really sleep much last night I’ll take a good long nap after having my Jell-o, if the pain doesn’t keep me awake that is.

I hope I can keep up with the kid tomorrow and Thursday, and that I’m not so swollen when I go back to work Friday.