I’m sitting with my nephew at my computer, playing Lord of the Rings Online without a headset because my face is far too swollen and pain-filled to wear one after having had my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.  The kid is watching everything I do from the chair beside me, and pointing out all the things he’s seen already.  Also all the things I’m doing wrong.  O.O  That’s just how he rolls in Middle-earth.

John:  See that, Auntie Jammy?  See that castle right there?

last homely house

Me:  That’s not a castle, sweetie.  That’s a house.
John:  No, that’s a castle.  Castles really just like a big house.
Me:  Oh, okay.
John:  See that castle right there, Auntie Jammy?
Me:  Yup.
John:  That’s your castle?
Me:  No Kid, that’s not my castle.  That’s Elrond’s castle.  It belongs to the elves.
John:  No, it’s my castle.  I taked it over.  It’s mine now.
Me:  Says who?
John:  Me.  I said so.  Somebody needs to take care of it, that’s why it’s my castle now.  Welcome to my kingdom.

Someone needs to tell Lord Elrond that his house has been commandeered by an adorable little human, who only wants to fill it with light bulbs.  Prolly won’t go over well.