I’m so not ready to say goodbye to iGoogle.  *sad face*  I’ve had over a year to come to grips with its demise, but I’m just not there yet.  And there is only a little over a week left before my glorious iGoogle love affair comes to an end.

Has anyone else noticed a serious decline in blogging and blogging interactions now that Google Reader is gone?  My ‘faithful’ readers seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth, because Reader just made it so easy.  All the blogs were literally right at your fingertips.  I do have a Feedly account, but I rarely ever remember that it’s there because it isn’t on my iGoogle home page.

And now my home page is going the way of the Liopleurodon.  What else will fall by the wayside in my Internet Universe, I wonder?  Twitter?  I’ve grown accustomed to Twitter Gadget and having it pop up in my face each time I open my browser.  Perhaps I will still continue to use it from my phone.  We shall see.

With iGoogle disappearing, I know that Google Search will continue to be my home page.  I’m not switching search engines out of bitterness, because then I would just be depriving myself of one more of my basic internet essentials.  No matter how many people boycott Google products, they will never bring back their abandoned projects.  Besides, all the other search engines out there are crap.  I detest Bing, with all its stupid ads.  When you do the Bing Challenge test thing it runs so fast, but it’s all a lie.  After the Challenge, it isn’t as good and Google still gives better and faster search results.  Less clutter.

And can I just say that I’m so tired of everything I download asking me to make Bing my default search engine or my home page, and to download the Bing search bar.  Um, no thanks.  You can keep that.

I’ve been rushing to adjust the settings on my Chrome browser each time I remember that iGoogle is disappearing, because I don’t want to forget anything.  I’ve been adding apps and set pages for each time my browser opens, changing up my bookmarks bar, etc.  I’m in a panic, a race against time, and I’m a slow and forgetful person.  I’m like the Tortoise, but also the Grasshopper.

The only thing of which I am 100% certain (pertaining to this topic, that is) is that I will be using iGoogle until the bitter, bitter end.