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It has just occurred to me that I’ve been blogging here for over a year now.  I’m proud of myself!  And this occurred to me only because I was thinking about NaNoWriMo, which starts in eight days.  EIGHT.  (( That’s the same amount of days I have left with iGoogle. ))  I do have an idea for my novel.  A solid idea.  But I haven’t really gotten the characters down yet, or the timeline.  And do I want it set on Earth, or some other fantastical setting?  I’ve got to weigh my options.  And like last year, I want to come up with a timeline, and do a little bit of research.  This time, though, I will do most of my research at home on the internet rather than at the local library, because I’m pretty sure they don’t have what I need there.  Also I hate to leave the house.


I’m pretty excited about NaNoWriMo now.  Last week, and even yesterday I was terrified of it.  I had a small idea, but I wasn’t sure it was something I could work with.  Now I know I can work with it.  I’m ready for that sense of challenge, the pride I will feel each day I’ve reached my writing goal.  And that amazing feeling I’ll have once I’ve won?  That is incomparable to anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  I want that again.

I don’t think anything I’ve ever written will be read by another human being, but that doesn’t matter to me.  In fact, I currently prefer it that way.  I’m writing, and writing is what I love doing.  (( Not that you’d know that from the infrequency of my blogging. ))  I just. love. writing.  I don’t need outside validation when it comes to my creative writing, not the way I feel I need it when I’m blogging. (( I need it people. ))  Writing, for me, is secretive and special.  It’s full of wonderment and thrill, but it’s a thrill I don’t want to share with anyone.  I want to keep it balled up inside me, where it’s just for me.  Sharing it diminishes the specialness; it disperses that amazing feeling and leaves me empty.  So I’ll just keep it.  If I ever feel I’ve written something that I want to share with the world, I might just try to do that.  But in the meantime?  My NaNoWriMo projects are just for me.

I’m so almost ready for November.

Also I didn’t proofread this, so if it sucks I DON’T CARE.  I’M TOO EXCITED.