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I wrote 2’269 words today.  The first 1’100 came so easily, but then I took a break so I could eat the breakfast that The Destroyer made for me, and getting back into the swing of it was hard.  So tomorrow?  No eating or doing anything until I’m done writing.  (( Don’t even worry, I make my coffee BEFORE I start writing. ))

Also yes, you read that right.  The Destroyer made me breakfast.  He’s awesome.  Have I told y’all he makes the best bacon ever?  Because he does.  And now you know it to be true.  But he can’t make you bacon, because he’s too busy making ME bacon.

He’s been super supportive and helpful with his cooking me breakfast, and leaving me alone so I can write.  He knows I get super cranky when I’m interrupted whilst writing.  He basically knows I get super cranky when I’m interrupted whilst doing anything I have to concentrate on.  He knows me, y’all.

Also this is only Day One.  He IS The Destroyer, after all.  We’ll see how this goes.

I feel all accomplished and everything.  So I can go to work feeling good, knowing that I’ve done my daily requirement for this task and that I’ve got a good start.  It makes me hopeful for the rest of the month.

I frakking love November.

I even have the outline of a design for our Christmas cards done!  I have to draw up the actual thing, but at least now I know what I’m doing.  I hope they come out as awesome as last year, because I pretty much think it’s hard to top last years Christmas card design.  It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

And now to start the rest of my day.  With my word count under my belt, I can face the looming quest that is my workday with fierce determination.  Or at least with the satisfaction of having done the really hard part.  And that’s starting.

Tomorrow it’s on to the really really hard part:  moving forward.  Then work again.