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¤ – denotes a time lapse

I hate the way nail polish makes my fingers feel, like my nails are lifting from the nail beds.  It isn’t painful, just something I’m painfully aware of every time I remove nail polish.  That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I leave my nail polish on until it fades and flakes away on its own.  The other reason is because I’m lazy.


I totally did not just paint my nails while I was supposed to be writing.


bad nails

Don’t judge me.  It was worth it.


All those people I replied to on Twitter about NaNoWriMo got some encouragement.  That was worth the 10 minutes I should have been writing.


After much self prodding and poking, I managed to get on with writing.  And I even wrote more than I did yesterday!  GO ME.

Total Word Count:  5’917