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Only one week left of NaNoWriMo, and let me just be honest here.  I’m so ready for December.  I’ve been so tired, and weeks one and two were particularly fruitful for me writing wise, but I’ve had to drag myself forward since the start of week three.  Every day I have gone above and beyond my word count, but I’m finding very little inspiration for my story this year.  I think next year I will actually plan a story line ahead of time, because last year that really worked for me.  I think the only thing keeping my head above water is all the Word Sprinting I’ve been doing.

I haven’t seen most of my family in almost a month.  I have barely called anyone or done anything since November 1st.  I’m just ready for a real day off, with no obligations.  So ready.

The new Lord of the Rings Online expansion came out this past week, and I’ve been able to play very little.  I wake up each morning and write for at least 2-4 hours, then if I have time to play before getting ready for work I can log in.  But I think I’ve played for four hours total.  I am the slowest leveler.  Everyone in my kin will be level 95 before me.

My Christmas card design is almost complete.  I just want to see if I can do some touch-ups in Photoshop, and then I’ll be sending them out.  I’m wicked excited about the design this year, it might be just as good as the one I designed last year.  I think I even like it better.

Here’s a doodle I made last night.


Well, I finished it last night, but I started it a few days ago.  I love coloring with pens.  It might be my new favorite thing.

I’m getting some really weird spam in my spam folder.  Like: “For a child, that he would drink champagne out of your shoe to keep your foot from slipping from the back.” What does that even mean?  Who would even do that?  How does that sentence even exist?

I don’t know.

Onward and upward, my writing friends.  We’re in the home stretch now!

Total Word Count:  42’925