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OK, so remember how I threatened a post-Christmas photo barrage?  Well, that’s not happening.  I took all of like ten pictures, and nine of them are Kokomo.


Who is surprised?!

Also all that video I was hell bent on taking?  It turned out to be like three minutes of just sitting at my dad’s house and taking turns waving at the camera.  Also Kokomo.

So that’s my Christmas fail.  And you know what?  I don’t feel so bad about it.  In fact, I don’t feel bad about it at all.  I had a fairly great Christmas, and it was only “fairly great” because I got a wicked bad migraine and had to leave my aunt’s house before dessert was served.

I know, right?

My apartment is a mess.  A real live mess, people.  I desperately want to clean, but I’m so incredibly lazy, so instead I’m sitting here, typing up a blog post, and getting all geared up to play LotRO for a couple of hours before work starts.  I’m not quite excited yet about the After Christmas Purge, but just wait until I’m tired of stubbing my toe on something that doesn’t belong on the floor a thousand times, or tripping over an empty stocking that for some reason hasn’t made it up off the carpet, or I get annoyed with looking at those tiny bits of tinsel-that-fall-off-of-the-garland-draped-around-my-living-room/kitchen-entryway scattered all over the floor.  Because all of these things will happen, and I will get so incredibly pissed off about it all, and then I will start throwing stuff away.  And that’s a form of excitement, getting violently angry.

The apartment was crowded BEFORE Christmas.  We didn’t get a ton of stuff (thank the gods of gift-giving), but the things we got are piled up on top of the things we had before, and there isn’t an uncluttered surface anywhere in sight.  I detest clutter.  But I have to work today, and I would rather play video games and blog before going to work, rather than clean the house just to go to work and clean the store.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cleaning just as much as the next weirdo, but last night I got my first real night of solid sleep in a week.  The guy upstairs listens to (bad) music all night long that keeps me awake, you see.  And last night he either wasn’t home or I fell asleep before the party started.  Either way, I needed it.  Add onto that the fact that I’ve felt sick for days, probably dehydrated and not eating enough and the stress of it all, today is the first day I feel somewhat fine physically.

I’m wicked excited about my Hobbit calendar from Santa.  I’m ready for 2014 to start now!