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Have you ever had a really bad neighbor?  Not a malicious neighbor who does anything in their power to bother you day after day, but the kind of neighbor who simply does not understand the etiquette of living one floor above or blow you?

I have one.  My new upstairs neighbor is a real imbecile.  Right now he is rapping so loudly that we can hear it over the television, and my husband is trying to sleep because he has drill in the morning.  He has to be up at 0430.  The guy must be wearing headphones or something, because I was literally just at his door for four minutes, and he didn’t hear me pounding on it.  POUNDING, PEOPLE.  Not gentle knocking.  Slamming his door with the side of my fist.  No response.  We’ve had to go up there twice since he moved in last month to ask him to keep it down, and it seems to work for a while, but apparently he is too oblivious to everyone else around him to keep it up for long.  At first I wondered if this was his first ever apartment, and I thought maybe he just didn’t know any better.  After going up there a few times over different things, I have come to realize that he is simply just dense.  He seems nice, but he is dense.

The rapping seems to have stopped for now, and hopefully he is done for the night.  *fingers crossed*

The Destroyer and I are probably the best tenants any landlord or neighbor could ask for.  We are quiet and considerate.  We sweep and shovel the snow from all the walkways, stairs, porch, and driveway.  We lay salt, not only on our porch, but on the porch above ours where the ignorant one lives, and also on my downstairs neighbors front stoop and all over the driveway.  We shovel the sidewalk, too.  We don’t cause trouble.  We don’t listen to anything loud after 9PM, we don’t host parties and blast music, and we don’t stomp around as if we lived on a concrete slab.  It isn’t hard for us to live relatively quietly.  We don’t have to go out of our way to be considerate.  It’s just a combination of common courtesy and common sense, which is apparently not too common.

The Destroyer and I both of our downstairs neighbors all put together don’t make half the noise this guy upstairs makes.  Alone.  He lives alone!  He’s got no kids up there and he rarely even has any visitors  It is just baffling to me how anyone can be so incredibly dense.

I’m afraid I’m going to end up writing a rather aggressive neighbor note and taping it to his door one of these days, but at this point I seriously wonder if he would even see it.  O.O