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Driving home tonight from my dad’s house I thought I ran over something.  Well, I didn’t just THINK I ran over something, I actually did run over something, but I didn’t know what it was.  My sister was all like “WHAT WAS THAT”  and I was all like “OMG WE ARE GOING TO TURN AROUND IN THIS RANDOM DRIVEWAY, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT WAS” because I was scared it might be a baby or a nail board or a bear or something.

~ Side note: I’ve only ever hit one animal in my entire driving career, a deer, and it got up and ran away.  I didn’t actually ‘run it over’ per se, but I hit it and it rolled over the hood of my car onto my windshield and off the other side, so maybe the deer hit me.  My mom thought I imagined the whole thing because it was nowhere to be found, and of course I’d pulled over and called her in a panic, sobbing, and she’d driven out to me.  She didn’t believe me, thought I was seeing things, but the proof was on my windshield in the form of a broken windshield wiper blade. ~

Anyway, back to tonight: so I turned the car around and drove with my high beams on back the way we had come, and we sat with our faces almost plastered to the windshield and stared at the road, driving like two miles an hour trying to see what I’d hit.  Now, it’s a clear night.  The moon is out, there’s no fog and no rain.  At first we couldn’t see anything, and we questioned our sanity.  I was sure I’d hit a pile of bricks and Alli swore it was probably a baby.  Then we saw a box shaped thing on the other side of the street, and turned around again.  Who cares that we looked like loonies?  The truth needed to be found out.  As we passed the mystery thing, I was pretty stunned and relieved.  Alli was a little let down.

It was ice cream, y’all.  I ran over a half gallon of ice cream.  Whew.